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  • Cadence BPM Tapper 1.0.0

    This free little buddy is used to get BPM`s for your songs into iTunes. Just tap the big button along to the beat of the music and a precise BPM will
  • Catchy Cadence 1.0

    Music is great for dancing to, but did you know that it's also makes the perfect accompaniment to chopping wood, playing tennis and making sandwiches?
  • Cadence Allegro Free Physical Viewer 16.3

    The Cadence® Allegro® FREE Physical Viewer is a free download that allows you to view and plot databases from Allegro PCB Editor, Allegro Package
  • GSM-Tracker user tracker 1.0

    You can track and find your friend's location with yahoo widget i.e. GSM-Tracker. It tells you about the current location of your friend by entering
  • Tracker 1.64

    Free software code to track illegal registration and usage of your software. The purpose of this software is to give shareware developers an idea of
  • Zip Tracker 1.4

    Zip Tracker contain zip codes directory and enables you to perform the transformations such as State - City - ZIP5. It means that on the entered
  • 1-2 Tracker 1.3

    (Formerly Type2Tracker) 1-2Tracker is a Macintosh application designed specifically for people with diabetes. With 1-2Tracker users can easily track
  • IRA Tracker 2.0

    IRA Tracker enables you to track your IRA stock, mutual fund information and history to see how it has historically performed, based on your
  • NP PPC Tracker 1.0

    Free Ad Tracking Script Free NP [KISS] Tracker Genially Simple Ad Performance Tracking NPTracker is script to track keywords, clicks, codes and
  • Hit Tracker 1.0

    Hit Tracker is a simple piece of software that runs on your desktop and is able to contact your server for visitor details. This piece of software
  • TV Tracker 3.6

    TV Tracker 3.5 lets you see what's on television right now without ever having to reach for the remote control. It automatically downloads show

    A straightforward, easy-to-use interface, stability, and good performance for personal or business FTP sites. EZ-FTP features a straightforward,
  • MLM-Tracker.Com MLM-CRM 5 11

    MLM-Tracker.Com is dedicated to helping clients get the most value out of the CRM application. MLM CRM’s CRM expertise is critical for
  • Job Tracker Pro 4.1.72

    Utilising the latest technology and best ideas Job Tracker was designed by business people for business people. Main features:- manage your customer
  • Mob Tracker 1.4

    Mob Tracker is a Decal plugin for Asheron`s Call.Mob Tracker provides the user with a handy way to hunt down rare spawns and other desired monsters.
  • PR-Tracker 6.0.1190

    PR-Tracker is an enterprise level problem tracking system designed especially for bug tracking. PR-Tracker is easy to use and setup. It has a sensible
  • My Tracker for MCE 1.0.1

    My Tracker for MCE is a software developed to allow the users to track UPS and FEDEX packages within Windows Media Center. By using My Tracker for MCE
  • Blu-ray Tracker 1.1

    elcome to - your simple, easy and free online blu-ray Organizer. Here are some of the features to help you manage your blu-ray
  • GG-Tracker 0.1

    GG-Tracker tracks your cellphone / mobile-device using GSM Cell-location or GPS. It displays your position on the internet using Google Maps. If only
  • Web Bug Tracker 1.1

    If you need a Windows based desktop application for you bug tracking solution, please check out Windows Bug Tracker. Web Bug Tracking Software
  • A - Tracker 1

    Inventory, Insurance, Warranty Management of Assets across multi Locations : As the module is both web based and includes a hand held interface on
  • Key Tracker Beta 2

    A simple application for tracking software product keys. It is developed using C# using SQLite. This is useful for PC gamers who have to Search
  • J-Tracker 1.0

    J-Tracker is a software to track your activities. For example, have you ever wondered When was the last time I had McDonald's or how many times a
  • PT Tracker 1.0

    This program will keep track the records of medical PT test ( Prothrombin Time) which is a test that measures the clotting time of Plasma (the liquid
  • Tec-Tracker 1.0

    Tracking your techs satellite or cable Equipment can be a difficut job if your using pen and paper or even a Spreadsheet program. Now comes
  • BC Bug Tracker 5.1

    The BC Bug Tracker is a web enabled Bug Tracking and Quality Control software suitableBugs for small business and powerful enough for fortune 1000
  • Dex Tracker 0.018

    tracker interface for Csound. Currently in beta with a working sco editor, text editor, online help. Cabel is also included. provides support for vst
  • IP OT Tracker 1.02

    IP OT Tracker is a program that allows you to quickly and easily track your overtime. Use it to record your overtime and generate reports on
  • DT Job Tracker 1.2

    DT Job Tracker is a Job Management system for service-oriented companies. It manages the whole job process including logging, allocating and tracking
  • GPS Tracker 1

    With the GPS Tracker you send your Position via 'SMS' or 'SMS to e-mail' to another person and tell him/her so your location. The recipient gets a
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  • Catchy Cadence 1.0

    Music is great for dancing to, but did you know that it's also makes the perfect accompaniment to chopping wood, playing tennis and making sandwiches? Install Jaybot's Catchy cadence on your device and you'll find out
  • Small Business Tracker Deluxe for Mac 1.9.6

    Following utilities are included in Small Business tracker Deluxe: Task tracker; Vehicle Expense tracker; Activity and Expense tracker; Universal Calculator; Invoice tracker; Invoice Creator; Password tracker; Schedule
  • Inventory Tracker Plus

    Inventory tracker Plus has come as a useful and polished tool for you to keep track of products and supplies. Generate invoices and reports on inventory for printing or exporting to other programs. Also includes
  • Carracho Tracker 1.1.1

    Carracho tracker notifies the world about your Carracho Server. Clients can connect to the tracker and download a list of all servers which are registered with the
  • PR-Tracker Bug Tracking System 6.0

    PR-tracker is widely used problem tracking system which presents essential functionality with an intuitive user interface. Features include customizable data entry, workflow, views and queries; one click queries;
  • Call Tracker for Palm OS 2.16

    Managing your calls just got a lot easier with Call tracker for Palm OS??. It allows you to track and log calls coming in and calls going out, and schedule new calls. Plus, you can add notes to existing calls, and even
  • Activity And Expense Tracker

    Activity and Expense tracker includes an electronic timesheet and Time Management Tool that helps you to keep track of all your projects and their related tasks and expenses. You can generate invoices and reports which
  • Tec-Tracker 1.0

    Tracking your techs satellite or cable Equipment can be a difficut job if your using pen and paper or even a Spreadsheet program. Now comes TEC-tracker, making it easy to tracker all your equipment! Now you can keep
  • XBT Tracker 0.2.9

    XBT tracker is a BitTorrent tracker written in C++. It's designed to offer high performance while consuming little resources (CPU and RAM). It's a Pure tracker, so it doesn't offer a frontend. You can use any (PHP)
  • Work Tracker 0.1

    Work tracker is a work tracking system written in PHP. This project is a fork of the Sourceforge Issue-tracker project. While Issue-tracker focuses mostly on tracking issues, Work tracker tracks general work
  • BitComet Tracker 0.5

    A high performance bittorrent tracker BitComettracker is a high performance bittorrent tracker with a lot of enhancement. BitCometServer supports multiport listening, both HTTP and UDP tracker protocols, and also
  • Staff Tracker In-Out Board 3.0

    In most cases, Staff tracker In-Out Board for Windows requires no client/workstation installs. Simply run the setup program once on your server, then Create A Shortcut on the workstations, or start Staff tracker In-Out
  • Small Business Tracker Deluxe 1.9.3

    Small Business tracker Deluxe is a productivity suite that allows self-employed professionals, or small businesses, to keep track of their time, expenses, contacts, appointments, schedules, invoices, passwords, products,
  • Trixie Tracker 1.0b

    Trixie tracker crunches simple daily input into rich, informative charts, graphs and striking visual summaries that help you better understand your baby. This Widget is a companion to your Trixie tracker web
  • Tracker Leader Professional 2005 2.1

    tracker Leader 2005 is a full-featured time tracking suite designed specifically for schedule notification, project management, expense management, work measurement, timesheet entry and reporting. It's especially suited
  • SpatFollower 8 2.0

    Spatial movements according to the characteristics of the sound : - two inputs to eight outputs - free position of the virtual and the real loudspeakers - global proximity setting - ten intensity curves - Pitch
  • Biz Site Biz Article 1.0

    The ad tracker was originally developed to provide a record of all hits to a site resulting from ad placements. This article shows a host of different ways to utilise an ad
  • DeliPlayer 2.50 Beta 1

    You can use inclusive DeliPlayer for playing all types of audio files. Its key features are as follow: it has user friendly interface; it is compatible with Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP; it features MP3 editor as
  • PHP/MySQL/AJAX Link Tracker 2.2

    The PHP/MySQL/AJAX Link tracker (or just Link tracker for short) is an AJAX-based link clicking tracker. Simply put, it uses AJAX and a PHP/MySQL backend to track which links on a PaGE are clicked by users. Not only
  • Print Tracker 5.5.2

    Print tracker 5 will logs your incoming print jobs on an NT or 2000 server/workstation. Reports can be printed or exported to Text or HTML for distribution on your Intranet. Print tracker will track all of the printers
  • InOut Tracker 1.6

    InOut tracker is a cross-platform people and resource tracking solution that works across a TCP/IP network. With an easy to use interface and simple set up, employees can locate one another in a hurry. Gain Instant
  • Tournament Updater 1.0.21

    The only Tournament Updater tool for Poker tracker II, III !tracker.Tournament Updater Features:- Automatically Update your tournament summaries for Poker tracker II or III from our database.- Works with top online poker
  • Time Tracker 1.0

    Plaxoft Time tracker keeps track of how you spend your workday. The major focus is the association of time to activities. A few days after first running Plaxoft Time tracker, you'll get valuable information on how you
  • Workout Tracker for Palm OS 4.14

    Workout tracker for Palm OS makes it easy to manage information about your personal fitness program right on your Palm Powered??? handheld. Workout tracker includes a extensive menu of exercises, all of which can be
  • Mob Tracker 1.4

    Mob tracker is a Decal plugin for Asheron`s Call.Mob tracker provides the user with a handy way to hunt down rare spawns and other desired monsters. When a monster is detected that matches the name on the mob list, its
  • Customer Tracker 2.7.3

    Customer tracker is a job tracking and invoicing application. Store all of your customers and clients in one program and record the jobs to do for them. Customer tracker allows you to print Invoices, envelopes, work
  • ByteMonsoon 2.1.1

    Originally based on the bytemonsoon tracker written by dfx. This project a has a new goal of becomming a highly optimized PHP based tracker that relies on apache and MySQL allowing it to be run on virtually any
  • Vacation Rental Tracker Plus

    Vacation Rental tracker Plus is an easy-to-use hospitality software program for short term rental properties with which you can: * Keep track of all your rental rooms, assets, reservations, guests, rental income and
  • Radio Quick Tracker 1.01

    Radio Quick tracker is an easy-to-use software that lets you track all your 2-Way Radio inventory. With Radio Quick tracker you can keep track of: How many radios are in a given location. How many radios are in a given
  • Mouse Tracker Toy 1.0

    The handy software application Mouse tracker lets users to use faces of your favorite stars, friends, pets or enemies fir the creation of mouse tracker toy. It has user friendly interface that is very easy to