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  • 1.6 Default CT Player Remix 1.0

    To simplify the completion of my 1.6 player overhaul, I've gone ahead and put together a massive pack for easier compilation. Also, I went back and
  • Audio Player AX 1.2.0

    Audio Player ActiveX 1.2.0 is an ActiveX (OCX) component for software developers. With this component you can play many types of audio files, such as:
  • Audio Player

    With Multi Room Audio Player, You can:* create as many zones as required, limited only by PC capacity;* assign every zone to a corresponding sound
  • HQ Audio Player

    HQ Audio Player is an audio player for your PC. The program has a pleasant, intuitive interface that allows for quick navigation. Supports popular
  • KJ Audio Player 0.45

    The KJ Audio Player is a simple music player written in the programming language Java, and was designed to take the place of a DJ for many different
  • Audio CD Player 1.04

    This is an alternative Audio CD Player. Track and Time LCD display and the usual buttons. You should have an CD-Audio driver installed. Interesting
  • CMB Audio Player 2.0.0

    CMB Audio Player is a system tray utility that allows you to organize your favorite music files (mp3, wav, mid, rmi) into multiple play lists and
  • Cog Audio Player 0.07

    A free open source Audio Player for OS X. Currently it supports the following formats: Ogg Vorbis Mp3 FLAC Musepack Monkeys Audio Shorten
  • ZAP Audio Player 3.0

    ZAP Audio Player is a lightweight application that allows users to listen to their favorite audio tracks in a clean environment. The user interface
  • Fox Audio Player 0.8.3

    FAP is a simple and lightweight Audio Player distributed under GNU General Public License. It features a DIRlist view, where you can browse through
  • Audio player ZiK 0.12.0

    ZiK is an Audio Player based on GStreamer. It uses the path of your audio files instead of a music Library. This free software is released under the
  • Video Audio Player 1.0

    Video Audio Player can play video audio multimedia files such as mp3 wmv mpeg mpg m1v dat wma wav aiff au aif mid midi rmi snd avi asf VCD etc. The
  • Audio Player ActiveX 1.0

    Audio Player ActiveX 1.0 is an ActiveX control for software developers. This control can play many types of audio files - MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, APE and
  • PlayPad Audio Player 1.12

    PlayPad is a free digital audio player program for Windows. Playing your music on a computer has never been easier. Within minutes you will be able to
  • Scheduled Audio Player 10.9.7

    Professional software used for broadcast on a scheduled time at school and kindergartens, able to broadcast ring music for class beginning and
  • Softe Audio Player 1.40

    Softe Audio Player is an all-in-one jukebox for managing, playing tons of audio files. It can play MP1, MP2, MP3, WAV (PCM, IMA ADPCM, ALAW, and
  • Passion Audio Player 2.7

    Give at least one try to 'Passion Audio player' it has many excellent features and it is a free software and it is totally a different player with
  • Hamster Audio Player 0.8.1

    A free and simple audio player. Features playlists manager, color settings and all the principal tools needed in this type of application... all in a
  • Toolsoft Audio Player 1.72

    Toolsoft Audio Player is a powerful audio player. It handles a wide variety of formats and allows you to play over 40 audio/video formats [ Audio: APE
  • Xion Audio Player 1.0 Build 127

    Xion is a high fidelity, easily skinnable, out of this world audio player. Xion features a new standard in skin support. Baffled by script syntax?
  • Zinf Audio Player 2.2.1

    Zinf is a small yet powerful audio player compatible with for Linux and Win32. It supports MP3, OGG/VORBIS, WAV and Audio CD playback, RTP streaming,
  • Light Audio Player 1.0.14

    Now you can listen to your favorite music easily by using Light Audio Player that lets users to simply load audio files and press play button for
  • Viking Audio Player 1.31

    Audio Player is an MPEG Audio Layer 3 player Audio Player is an MPEG Audio Layer 3 player for Psion 5mx, Revo, Revo Plus, Mako , Series 7, netBook and
  • Audio Player and Converter 1.0

    Play APE, OGG, WMA, WAV and MP3 and MP3. Audio Player and Converter 1.0 is software that allows you to play and to convert many types of audio
  • Audio Player Maker 4.4

    Audio Player Maker is a Windows application for Webmasters and Website Owners who want to have attention grabbing Flash MP3 audio players Fast and
  • Serenity Audio Player 3.2.3

    Serenity is a playlist based audio player for Windows. It features a clean and simple interface with minimal overhead. Formats supported are limited
  • Social Audio Player 11.01

    Social Audio Player is a very nice and easy to use software. Main features: - no virus, spyware or malware inside - local music player - internet
  • No-Nonsense Audio Player 1.1.6

    NN Audio Player is a fully capable, free media management program, which uses the world-leading, industry-level Fmod Library to provide robust audio
  • dBpowerAMP Audio Player 2.0

    The features that makes dBpowerAMP Audio Player unique are as follow: it has built-in database of music collection; it is capable of playing Mp3s as
  • Comparisonics Audio Player 2.1.2

    The Comparisonics?? Audio Player is a fun and easy-to-use program that lets you play any audio file while viewing its colored Waveform display. This
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  • eMedia

    Powerful remix player with effects. remix and create new MP3's and other format audio. Record voice with effects and backing. You can remix many times adding more audio. Play audio and video with great enhancements
  • Mixcraft 3_b18

    Mixcraft? is a great multi-track audio recorder that enables you to record your band, create a podcast, create mash-ups or remix a song. Mixcraft functions as two programs in one! Use it as a multi-track recorder or
  • MegaPONG 1.0

    MegaPONG, is a kickass full 3D remix. Notice that the game logic and phisics are exactly the same for both games, only the audio and visuals are different. It's worth a download to see the difference ! CONTROLS First
  • MetaMix -

    MetaMix is a cross between a musical composition, a digital audio player, an interactive experience, a software tool, and a work of conceptual art. Feed MetaMix your favorite audio track and listen as familiar music is
  • PVDJ DAI 1.01.6

    Interface is the essential gear for forward-thinking DJs,a hardware and software package that lets you remix all of your .mp3, .wav and .cda audio files in real time. Just plug in and free your mind.You'll find all the
  • Screwlab Pro Pro

    Screwlab Pro and v3.2 are MP3 players and recorders that screw and chop at the click of your mouse. Record the changes and save them as a Screwed and Chopped remix. Other features include the ability to record audio from
  • TCMixer 2.0

    Compact X11 audio mixer.Can be controlled from keyboard. Supports mixer callbacks. Very fast Xlib based UI routines, optimized mixer code. You can use it to mix or remix your audio files and music. It's a open source
  • Arcade Park and ABC Puzzle 1.0

    Arcade Park is a remix collection of the seven great golden oldest arcade games such as Arkanoid, Asteroids, Black Shark, Digger, Lode Runner, Pac-Man and Ping-Pong. ABC Puzzle is a remix collection of five puzzle and
  • H2o Remix 1.2

    In H2O remix by TLK Games, you must guide water drops through different settings and sceneries. You will need bricks to build bridges, bars to block water and bombs to destroy debris in your way to help you save as many
  • Arcadia remix 1.0

    The Game Get ready for a retro romp that'll have you dodging aliens and jumping bottomless pits like it was 1982! In Arcadia remix you'll travel through an arcade wonderland and try to unlock 16 mini-games by beating
  • Decibel Audio Player 1.02

    Decibel audio player is a GTK+ open-source (GPL license) audio player designed for GNU/Linux, which aims at being very straightforward to use by mean of a very clean and user friendly interface. It is especially
  • Spider player 2.102

    Spider player PRO is an audio player which supports a high resolution playback and a wide range of digital audio formats: MP3, AAC, WMA, OGG, FLAC and others. It has powerful converting capabilities which allow to
  • Noisemitter 0.50

    An audio player for you to use. An audio player for you to use. Noisemitter is a simple audio player developed based on FMOD - audio
  • Colorful Audio Recorder 2.0.7

    Colorful audio recorder is powerful, easy-to-use , and Cool in User Interface. It can record sounds from internet broadcasts, video game or programs like Windows Media player, Real player, Quick Time, Winamp and many
  • MXP4Player 1.0

    MXP4player is a simple audio tool. Key format features: * 1 single interactive file * Music, images, Texts * On the fly remix of different song versions * Endless variations * Updatable over time * To stream
  • SampLink 1.1.0

    SampLink is a revolutionary new technology that allows audio to be recorded into our sampler plugins. SampLink allows ultimate flexibility since it can be used on any track that allows plugin inserts--even across
  • ATCUC S.W.A.T. Urban 1.0

    This CT player pack is the default with a retouch and remix to make it look more detailed. I spent a lot of my time to reskin, edit and add some stuff to the models so it looks vibrant and detailed. It has to do with my
  • Creative MediaSource DVD-Audio Player Update 2.00.75

    Creative MediaSource DVD-audio player Update is used by users of Software Informer. The names of program executable files are CTDVDA.exe, AutoUpdate.exe, CTCMS.exe, CTCMSU.exe, CtConvU.exe, CTSi.exe, CTSyncU.exe and
  • 1.6 Default CT Player Remix 1.0

    To simplify the completion of my 1.6 player overhaul, I've gone ahead and put together a massive pack for easier compilation. Also, I went back and corrected problems with the animations in the earlier models: GSG9 -
  • A1 Audio Recorder 3.85

    A1 audio Recorder is a powerful real-time sound recorder from any resource such as Mid, MP3, WAV, WMA, RM, OGG,VQF, CD, DVD, MPEG, AVI, MOV, GAME, FLASH, Streaming audio on Internet... , even from all peripheral
  • Abdio Audio Video Converter 6.66

    Abdio audio Video Converter is a quickly convert Media file formats to audio including searchable FLV to audio,AVI to audio,ASF to audio,WMV to audio,AVS to audio,MKV to audio,MOV to audio,3GP to audio,MP4 to audio,MPG
  • CXB DVD To MP3 Converter 1.12.0228

    CXBSoft DVD To MP3 Converter is One-Click, Easy-to-Handle DVD to MP3 ripping software which helps you Extract DVDs to MP3 files played in mp3 player or PC player for you! Numerous popular audio formats from DVD, Such as:
  • 1.5 newhand remix 1.0

    remix 2 comes with better glove and bloody
  • counter-strike metal remix 1.0

    This is a remix i did of 10th man down by nightwish and some other
  • Beat Making

    Beat making software is a dominant player in the recording industry because it allows you to create your own music from the comfort of your own home. With the release of standalone recording software that only requires
  • MAP-Blend 1.2

    An audio player. It can play module audio files, compressed modules and streaming audio. xm, it, s3m, mod, mo3, mid, umx, ogg, wav, aiff, rmi, mp#, audio stream of mpg, avi, asf etc.... more if codecs are installed. The
  • Call of Duty: Black Op Remix Trailer 1.0

    Call of Duty: Black Op remix
  • Tipard DVD Audio Ripper for Mac 3.6.08

    Tipard Mac DVD audio Ripper can easily rip audio files from any DVD movies to AAC, AC3, AIFF, AMR, AU, FLAC, MP3, M4A, MP2, OGG, WAV, WMA, etc. with fastest conversion speed and excellent quality. Besides, this Mac DVD
  • EZ WAV Player 1.0.12

    EZ WAV player is a handy application that will enable you to play and to convert WAV (Waveform audio File Format) ACM, MP3, WAV PCM, WMA and more audio files, easily, fast, with an high quality results. With the wav
  • VH Player 0.3.8

    VH player is easy and user-friendly universal video and audio player that enables you to record movies with your camera or mobile phone, regardless headaches of orientation, because VH player can rotate movies during