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  • AppsChecker 4.0.1242

    While there are many Tools available to ???Optimize??? your PC, few target the applications on the PC, which is surprising considering that the number and complexity of the applications installed, is rapidly increasing
  • PalmHide for Palm OS 1.3

    PalmHide can hide your Palm OS applications. You can run hidden applications from within PalmHide. You can also protect your applications from unwanted beaming to other Palm devices. This tool is great to safeguard your
  • VPNetMon 1.2

    VPNetMon prevents unsecured connections after your VPN connection went down. It simply closes specified applications when the VPN connection is down (for example SecureIX or Relakks Service). If soft closing of the
  • Batch Launcher 1.0

    Batch Launcher allows launching several applications by one click. The applications that you wish to launch get united in a batch - just drag and drop needed shortcuts to the applications list of the batch. After you
  • Quit! 1.1

    Quit! is a Mac OS X applet for quickly quitting all open applications (including OS X applications & the Classic environment) automatically when run. A list of excluded applications is gathered from user input and
  • 9Desks 1.8

    9Desks is a program that permits you to have up to nine virtual desktops for better applications management. This means that you can work in a more clean environment dividing active applications in more desktops. 9Desks
  • Create Application Tool 5.6

    Longtion Application Builder is a tool for creating database applications and Web applications without writing any code. And you don't have to be a software programmer to do it. With its intuitive integrated development
  • Liberkey 5.7.0530

    LiberKey isn`t technically a repair tool but it is a great and easy way to organize your portable applications on your USB flash drive. It`s a totally free program that you use to build an interface of your portable
  • DXLabLauncher

    The DXLab Launcher makes it easy to control individual DXLab applications, or a specified group of DXLab applications. With the Launcher, you can: -install new DXLab applications, and update or restore already installed
  • 10 Pen drive Applications MYDB 2.0

    Let 10 Pen drive applications MYDB help you to organize your data so that you will have all your important pieces of information at one place, where you will be able to access them easily. Whether you have several
  • Terminal Service Plus

    TSplus software is the easiest and plug-and-play solution for publishing your applications because; it provides immediate and secure access to remote Windows applications. It directly publishes Windows applications to
  • DOS recorder

    DOS recorder is an application which records "text videos" - the text output of console (text-only) applications (Windows, MS-DOS or Linux) into specially designed, cross-platform compressed "text demo" files.
  • VintaSoftBarcode.NET SDK, 1D barcode reader (Site License)

    This license allows to develop desktop applications by Any Developers of One company at a single physical address. Number of the applications is not limited. Distribution of the applications is not
  • VintaSoftImaging.NET SDK (Site license)

    This license allows to develop desktop applications by Any Developers of One company at a single physical address. Number of the applications is not limited. Distribution of the applications is not
  • VintaSoftAnnotation.NET Plug-in (Site license)

    This license allows to develop desktop applications by Any Developers of One company at a single physical address. Number of the applications is not limited. Distribution of the applications is not
  • Toolbar 6.4

    Although it has pretty few applications this toolbar looks interesting. As many other toolbars it has the well known search engine , it also has some few applications , an pop-up blocker , online radio and some other
  • My USB Menu 1.0

    The simple tool My USB Menu is used for opening user defined applications. It allows you to start anything that can be run from any type of removable disk. You can install it in USB stick for launching files and
  • Java Runtime Environment 6 Update 7

    Allows you to run applications "applets" Java Runtime Environment enables you to run applications based on the Java programming language. Java is used within millions of programs from all around the world and its
  • Sensiva 2.0

    Sensiva allows you to execute commands in all of your software applications by drawing simple symbols with any pointing device. You no longer need to use inconsistent hot keys and menus across different applications.
  • DevTracer 1.5.0

    The DevTracer application was designed to be a fast and easy to use tool for collecting trace output. It can be used with many development platforms for Microsoft Windows, like Microsoft Visual Studio and Visual Basic
  • PEMICRO Embedded Multilink Toolkit

    P&E provides several Windows PC-based applications which work with Freescale's DEMOQE and DEMOJM boards. These applications are collectively referred to as the P&E Embedded Multilink Toolkit. One of this applications is
  • StarRating 1.0

    The primary goal of my website is to focus on providing high-quality Web Development applications from small widgets to business applications. I believe in the coding standard and enforce it in all applications I
  • AutoStart plug-in 1.0

    QC Autostart 1.0 is a plug-in for VITO QuickContact for P800/P900. It starts previously assigned applications when you turn on the phone. You can auto start any applications which you would like to be on hand.
  • GlassWorks 1.2

    Glassworks is a tool used for arranging applications on more than one platforms, it is supported by Macintosh OS, Windows and Linux systems. It can do the following tasks, can make links of your applications on quick
  • AllProgs

    AllProgs manages the installed applications, just as the Windows??? Star menu, but in the form of a window and not a menu. It displays the informations in two colums: The applications: - A tree showing the
  • CyE Toolbar 1.0

    Adding applications to the CyE Toolbar will ease up your work. Think about it, you have 3 zones of applications: click to find something from Program Files, click on your Quick Launch and search&click applications from
  • MPSAdmin 1.0.2

    This application is an useful tool to administer a Metaframe Presentation Server farm. With just a few mouse clicks you can extend your farm with new servers and publish all existing applications to it. You can take
  • Adobe AIR

    Ajax developers can build rich Internet applications (RIAs) that deploys on the desktop by using new Adobe AIR runtime. These AIR applications can run on the WebKit HTML and can also easily deliver by using single
  • Python Programming Language 3

    The powerful object oriented programming language Python does not only increase the speed of development but also make extra robust applications. It is widely used in production of web applications as well as in the
  • Startup Doctor

    Startup - Doctor is an efficient and simple software to control the applications which start with windows. It will help you to manage the applications which shall start with windows.There are lot of applications which